Beulah London X Candice Lake: Behind The Collaboration

For High Summer 2019 Beulah has collaborated with Candice Lake, an Australian born photographer and contributing editor at Vogue Australia. The collection is a limited edition capsule, inspired by Candice’s Australian heritage and love for travel. Here we talk to Candice about her biggest inspirations, female empowerment, social impact projects and her collaboration with Beulah.


Who is your biggest inspiration and why?

I am inspired by people who try and fail and try again. To create something.


How would you describe your personal style?

I have a love affair with colour and I wear a lot of bold statement pieces mixed with classic staples. I tend to wear pieces that I feel comfortable in whilst still experimenting a little. I think that is key – Have fun but don’t divert from what your style is. Because I wear such bold pieces I love to keep my hair and makeup minimal with natural (I just rolled out of bed) hair and little to no make up with a shock of red lips.


Aditi Forest Green Printed Midi Dress


What do you consider your greatest achievement?

Creating a career that is incredibly inspiring and fulfilling, whilst affording me a lifestyle that allows the freedom and time to spend watching my children grow. Doing something you love and being able to live off this financially is one of life great gifts. To have time is to have freedom.


Where is your favourite place in the world?

In the ocean, at Palm Beach, Sydney at 6am. Absolute Heaven. The north of Ibiza, down at a hidden beach eating an ice cream at sunset with my family is also up there.


Ridhi Off The Shoulder Green Tile Top


Where do you look for inspiration?

I always look up. I travel so much for work and find inspiration everywhere – in the colour of the bathroom tiles, the fabric form the dress of the lady in the supermarket, the light hitting a building at sunset, the guerrilla posters on the street, music, nature, people. Inspiration is everywhere, as long as we put down our phones long enough to recognise it.


Indira Floral Border Handwoven Midi Dress


What inspired your designs in the capsule collection?

We wanted to make a collection that was chic although incredibly versatile and wearable for High Summer – something that would take you from the beach to dinner. We designed a collection you could thrown in your suitcase for weddings, beach days, nights in the city, countryside and seaside. It had to be easy and beautiful. I love bold colours and that is very much the aesthetic of Beulah, so it has been a wonderful partnership. I have absolutely LOVED creating this with the girls, who are such an inspiring force.


Aakash Duckegg Painterly Stripe Off The Shoulder Dress


What is your favourite piece in the Beulah London x Candice Lake Capsule collection?

It’s like asking me to choose my favourite child! I think it would have to be the Indira Embroidered Cotton Dress or Aakash Off The Shoulder Silk Dress in Pink Tile.


Favourite moment collaborating with Beulah on the collection?

Talking in depths about their work with the charities and what inspired them to begin this brand was the most incredible part of designing the collection with them. Knowing in an industry that can be incredibly unsustainable and that has questionable ethical values, that Nat’s and Lavinia the cofounders have set up with the mission to empower highly vulnerable women in India with financial independence is greatly inspiring. The funniest part was shooting the collection in London during the dead of winter and somehow managing to make it look and feel like we were seaside in summer.


Aditi Green Embroidered Midi Dress & Talika Embroidered Top (coming soon).


How do you celebrate the women in your life?

My best friends all live so far away so every couple of years we all come together for a week somewhere in the middle of us all and just be with each other. Time together is the greatest gift we have. I spent my 20’s travelling the world with these women and I see them as my family. I would do anything for them. Friendship is one of life’s greatest gifts. I cherish and respect it immensely.


What do you do to feel empowered?

I stop and try and reflect on how insanely lucky I am to live as a free woman, and to have choices. I have an absolutely charmed life and I think it is important to always remember that much of your existence is down to the lottery of life. I try to give back as much as I can and to ensure that I impart the importance of this onto my children.

Alisha Pink Oriental Floral Wrap Dress


What are the causes that are important to you and how do you support them?

Women for Women and Save the Children are my two charities that I support.

I believe that empowering women through education and employment is the greatest gift you can give a women. By assisting her to set up a business and to subsequently become the architect of her own destiny is a privilege that many women around the world do not have. This is why this charity is so incredible.


What particularly inspired you about Beulah’s social impact mission that encouraged you to collaborate in the partnership?

Each piece from the collection has been carefully manufactured by artisans in India and Bangladesh and is directly impacting small charities and community groups working with vulnerable and trafficked women in India. These charity partners offer fair wages and teach the women employable skills to provide them and their families with a sustainable livelihood. By assisting in removing these women from these horrendous conditions and empowering them through education and employment, they are empowering these women to be free. This has been their ethos from day one. What a wonderful thing to be apart of. I am so inspired by this.


Beulah London x Candice Lake capsule collection is available online, in-store and exclusively at from the 17th of June 2019.

Beulah London X Candice Lake: Behind The Collaboration