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Beulah Collective

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As the lockdown lifts, we realised now more than ever the importance of a physical store where we can meet and interact with our customers. We decided to use this space to also showcase the work of brands and individuals we admire. Through our Collective, we wish to bring together brands and artists with a social mandate, who support similar causes to our own. We believe that change is made through the community of like-minded brands and individuals. We believe in the importance of supporting smaller businesses and giving them a platform. We are delighted to introduce some of our favourite brands, available to shop in our Belgravia boutique, and now online.



We are delighted to be collaborating with Cloth Collective, another brand created by women, with a strong social and environmental mandate. 

Cloth Collective believe that we should be able to fill our homes with exceptionally beautiful textiles without compromising our wellbeing or negatively impacting our environment. 

By sourcing the finest 100% compostable cloth, and harnessing their dyes from bio & botanical waste, Cloth offers a natural, sustainable choice of interior textiles.  

We are delighted to be working with them. Our exclusive Cloth Collective X Beulah London frill cushion is hand-dyed using colour harnessed from botanicals that are 100% natural and non-toxic, making your home a healthier place to be!

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As part of our exclusive collaboration with Cloth Collective, we created a limited edition version Calla dress in white embroidery that you can pre order here...



Ondine has been working hand in hand with CSAO since 2012, to valorise traditional crafts such as broderie while giving Senegalese women the opportunity to gain independence, socialise and learn through work. Ondine's mission resonates strongly with our own at Beulah, and we're thrilled to make these beautiful hand-crafted pieces available to our customers.

Issy Granger

Issy is a London based designer whose eclectic and joyful style shines through in her creations. 

Following in the footsteps of her artist mother and grandmother, Issy has created a world where art and design sits at its core. Every piece in the Issy Granger's collections are as much practical interior items as they are a beautiful works of art; it starts life as a drawing in her sketchbook. 

Once ready Issy takes these drawings to our talented makers and manufacturers who breathe life into her pencil sketches and transform them into the stunning finished creations that fill the Issy Granger shelves. Issy Granger supports skilled craftsmen and manufactures both in the UK and around the world. Issy's unique designs marry antique artisanship with modern-day craft. 

Alex gore brown

Alex Gore Browne is a British knitwear designer and knit consultant. Based in England, she shapes unique pieces by hand on a range of industrial knitting machines, continually creating new structures with new techniques and new combinations of yarn. She is inspired by, and never confined by, the boundaries of knitting. Her work is as innovative as it is refined.

Salvesen Graham

As professional creatives, Mary and Nicole are focused on creating authentic Future Heritage interiors – classically beautiful and carefully curated homes that will feel stylish and comfortable now and in years to come. As women designers ourselves, we admire their work and are thrilled to share it with you. The /re/PURPOSE Collection is the very first of its kind and a sustainable approach to timeless rugs. Comprised of uniquely plush recycled plastic, these are a luxurious yet eco-conscious solution to the need for hard-wearing and stain-resistant rugs. 

Discarded polyethylene components – that would otherwise find their way into the ocean or landfill – are processed using heat and water (then itself recycled) to create a surprisingly soft and robust yarn. Awarded ‘Best Sustainable Product’ at Decorex 2019 & The English Home Magazine’s ‘Editor’s Choice’.