Beulah works with talented craftspeople from around the world who use an astonishing range of skills to process raw materials

 and produce regionally distinctive dyes, weaves, prints and embroidery. The intricate and versatile pieces that make up our collections

 combine influences from east and west, telling the story of their makers.

We work closely with our partners to incorporate a range of regional and traditional techniques such as hand-embroidery and silk 

block-printing into our collections. We also support the development of new skills, equipping vulnerable women with the means to 

generate sustained employment and in turn, the freedom to define their future. From India to Italy,

 here we tell the stories of the people and places behind Beulah.

North West Bangladesh

Artisan Skill: Fabric weaving, hand embroidery, screen-printing 

Employees: 125

An ethical textile program for marginalised and vulnerable women
in rural village Thanapara

Kolkata, India

Artisan Skill: Sewing, screen and block printing

 Employees: 40

An NGO in West Bengal empowering disadvantaged and formerly trafficked women,
specialising in local silk printing hand craft 

Kathmandu, Nepal

Artisan Skill: Wool, cashmere and silk hand-weaving 

Employees: 30

A social enterprise with a mission to support its community economically and preserve the ancient Nepalese practice of hand-spinning. 

London, England

Artisan Skill: Tailoring 

 Employees: 20

A small independent manufacturing facility in Wood Green, specialising in
luxe fabrics and high end tailoring. 

Delhi, India

Artisan Skill: Pattern-cutting and sewing 

 Employees: 100

A manufacturer with a proud Indian heritage and a passion for demonstrating their craft and skill through every stage of production


Como, Italy

Artisan Skill: Silk printing

 Employees: 750

A silk printing mill based in the mountainous region of Northern Italy,
committed to environmental sustainability