Making A Difference

We had thought that slavery had been eradicated in the 19th century, but when we found out that still 45 million people have been forced into slavery we had to do something.

We both quit our jobs and volunteered in an aftercare home in Delhi for two months with women who had been trafficked. Seeing the fear and darkness in the women’s eyes, it broke our hearts and we knew we had to find a way to make a difference on a bigger scale – and so Beulah was born.

Natasha & Lavinia, Founders of Beulah London


Scarves & Accessories

My Week In Beulah

Spring Summer 2018

Our clothes may not change the world. But the women who wear them will.

Made with love

The Beulah Trust was founded in January 2013 to put our humanitarian mission into action, with a clear goal of supporting projects and initiatives that create sustainable livelihoods for victims of trafficking.


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