In Conversation: Zara Bolingbroke-Kent

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If you pop in to see us in-store, you may notice our beautiful new rug from British homeware brand, Bombay Sprout.

We grabbed 5 minutes with interior designer and founder of the brand, Zara Bolingbroke-Kent, who shared a little insight into her inspirations, recent collaboration project and personal style. 

Tell us about your recent collaboration with Laura Stephens and how it came about?


I was looking for someone like-minded in the design world who would share my passion for colour and pattern. I loved Laura’s work and asked her if we could design a collection together. The rest is history.

Who is your biggest inspiration and why?


I absolutely love Anna Spiro, an Australian interior designer. She is a genius when it comes to mixing prints and colours and every room is just beautiful. 

What has been your biggest highlight from your successful career, to date?

I loved helping Lady Leicester with some of the rooms at Holkham Hall. We worked with paintings and furniture from centuries ago, mixing them with contemporary fabrics and wonderful, vivid paint colours. 

How would you describe your personal style?


I love colour. I am never one to follow trends, and I like a room to be an eclectic, joyful place. 

If you could swap wardrobes with anyone, who would it be?


Lee Radziwell, Jackie Kennedy’s sister. And her figure!

What are your wellbeing practices or rituals that have helped you through your career whilst having your family?


Walking my dogs. I love my dogs and there is nothing better than a long walk on the beach, and no one else around. 

What Beulah piece do you have your eye on this summer?


I love the Flora Bud dress. So very Bridgerton! 

 Tell us about your favourite place to travel to, and any exciting plans for this summer? 

My favourite place to go is a little fishing village called Ermioni in Greece. It is charming and low-key, and days are spent swimming in remote little coves. This year, we are going to Ireland to stay with my family, my favourite place on earth.