Ever since Beulah Founders Natasha and Lavinia embarked on a volunteer trip to 

India and witnessed the devastating reality of modern slavery, their mission has

 been to empower vulnerable women through the business of fashion.


 Beulah’s story began in 2009 with a trip to Delhi, where we spent two months working in a rehabilitation centre teaching sewing skills to women who had been rescued from the sex trade. With this new skill came an opportunity to generate an income and build independence. It was here that we first understood the importance of providing sustainable employment to victims of trafficking to enable them to break free from cycles of abuse, exploitation and poverty.

 Compelled to fight modern slavery and inspired by the fine fabrics and beautiful designs of the east, we founded Beulah, an ethical luxury 

womenswear brand with a social mandate: to empower vulnerable women through the business of fashion. Incorporating crafts such as hand-weaving

 and embroidery into Beulah’s collections provides sustainable livelihoods for vulnerable and previously trafficked women who either already

 possess the skills, or to whom we provide the training and tools to develop new skills. Our London-based design team carefully creates

 collections of timeless pieces with distinctive feminine silhouettes, showcasing our Impact Partners' craft techniques. Beulah customers

 feel beautiful and empowered, knowing that their choice of clothing has changed lives. 

We use fashion as a force for good. From supporting and nurturing ourImpact Partners, to working closely with our suppliers to ensure that 

human and environmental conditions are the best they can be, we are proving that it is possible to eradicate slavery

 and operate an ethical, sustainable fashion brand.

 2020 marks Beulah’s ten year anniversary. Our first ten years has shown the incredible difference we are able to make when we come together

 in the fight against slavery. We are thankful to each and every person who has chosen to join us in our cause. Together with the trailblazing women 

who buy and wear Beulah, we’re raising the voices of marginalised and vulnerable women around the world and putting an end to slavery. 

We hope you feel inspired to make Beulah a part of your story. 

With love,