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The ladies behind Storcx are a force to be reckoned with. Before starting their

 latest venture as the UK’s most popular money-pooling website, 

both women had illustrious careers in multiple fields.

Lohralee grew up in rural Canada where she headed up the sales team for 

Diesel Clothing in Western Canada, before falling into a successful modelling 

career for over a decade. She also has a degree in interior design and a 

Diploma in nutritional therapy that she then used during her private practice

 in Notting Hill. After having three beautiful children she was determined to write a

 healthy eating cookbook for children and families and has 

since then, sold thousands of copies worldwide. 

 Elizabeth started her career in Corporate Finance at a boutique firm.

 After several years she moved onto leading a FTSE 250 firm in Executive Search 

where she build up a Private Banking Division, recruiting for 

some of the worlds leading wealth managers and private banks. When the banking 

bubble crashed in 2008, she left the city to co-found Little Emperors & Co; 

a renowned Luxury Travel discount club which has been nominated for 

several industry awards. She sold out of the business in

 2012 to have children, and now is the mother of two sons. 

 We speak to the women about their latest venture, how they manage 

to balance being mothers and business owners 

and what they do to feel empowered.

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What do you consider your greatest achievement?

E: My two sons. Their confidence, kindness and wit fills me with pride every day.

L: Storcx and my 4 children and my finding the perfect partner to work with. I am very blessed to have a family I love at home and at work.

Who is your biggest inspiration and why?  

E: ALL women who seem to juggle it all! Its a tough ask! 

 L: My step-father was a hug inspiration to me. He helped develop my drive and nurtured my creativity.  

What are the biggest challenges you face and how do you overcome them?

We think with any start up business there are always road blocks in your

 visionary path, you overcome them by staying true to what you set out to do 

but learning to adapt with what you learn along the way.  

How do you juggle work and being mothers?  

With difficulty! There is no magic answer, you have to do what 

works for you and your family and try to keep your head above water!  

What is your favourite part about being a mother? 


E: Watching them learn new things, and of course bed time snuggles.

 L: Seeing them grow and hearing their ideas, children say the most wonderful 

things and sometime hearing their little voices and the

 innocents of their truths is the most beautiful thing.  

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Tell us a bit about Storcx and how it came about?

Storcx is simply a personalised way to club together with friends for group gifts. When our children

 were at nursery we battled collecting money for teachers presents from the mums, keeping 

track of it and remming people who hadn’t contributed to do so without being rude!

 There was nothing in the market that offered this collection process in a pretty, simple way, so we thought

 we would create one – Storcx was born. We then realised it could be used for any group 

gifting scenario and wanted to become the go to gifting site for any occasion.

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How would you describe your personal style?  

E: Classic. I’ve had to adapt having two boys and spending time running 

between meetings and football pitches – so it’s a combo of classic 

chic with trainers and a rain coat! 

 L: Rock chic, with twist of classic.

What is your favourite piece in the Beulah AW19 collection? 


E: I don’t know where to start.. I love the knitwear and the Amma Black & Teal Velvet Kimono.

 L: I love the jumpers and adore the Aaloka striped velvet black jumpsuit.

How do you celebrate women in your life?

E: In any way that allows time for them and to feel like a woman; spa treatments,

 or flowers always seem to bring a smile! 

 L: I am very much a girls, girl and whenever I can get my girl clan together, I do. 

Whether it’s doing a cooking lesson at home, girls breakfast, 

lunch or dinner, drinks or spa day, or walk in the park, I do it when I can!  

What do you do to feel empowered?  

E: Sleep and exercise! 

 L: Like E, sleep, exercise and also mediation.  

What particularly inspires you about Beulah’s social impact mission?

We think running a business is difficult enough, particularly as a mother. The fact that 

Beulah manages to incorporate helping

 others and bringing about positive change

 in the lives of women through teaching of 

skills and bringing employment to those 

who would not have had these opportunities is incredible and utterly admirable.

Follow Lohralee Astor & Elizabeth Sieff Rafferty on Instagram and view Storcx’s website. 

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