In celebration of the Frieze Art Fair this week, on the blog we look closely at the art of Beulah. 

 Our prints for each season are unique to Beulah and are created by our in-house 

designer Aleksandra Stašić who also has her own childrenswear brand, RaspberryPlum. 


To find out more about the creative design process we asked 

Aleksandra some questions in a short interview…



Where do you get your inspiration from?

My inspiration usually comes form art. I visit 

exhibitions at least once a week and love

 looking through photography and art books. 

I am particularly into the constructivist 

movement at the moment.


It usually starts with the client. They have a particular idea of what they need for their 

collection. In my work there is a lot of psychology involved and reading the clients needs. 

Sometimes the client is not a designer so they express themselves differently.

 It’s all about their needs. After that I make different suggestions and test out different 

styles. The client then picks the style they like and I create a few different versions

 of that particular style until we get what we want, and what fits bets with the collection.

 I use a lot of different techniques; painting, photography, mark making, 

collage or CAD. It all depends on the desired affect.

What is your favourite brainstorm medium?


I don’t have a favourite one. What I love about my work is that I get to use all the mediums.

 Not many creative industries allow that. I also do embroidery and fabric manipulation 

which is a lot of fun as I get to create new techniques and mediums.  

How do you make the final decision as to 

what version is used?  

I work closely with the client on this. It’s about what they like best. We always do a few different

 versions of the final print and then as a team decide what to go with. This is normally what fits best

 with the rest of the collection and what is most exciting but still most wearable.  

Are you ever fully satisfied with the finished product?

Very rarely. That is the thing about freelancing in commercial fashion. You only get given a short 

about of time to create waders, as the clients have a set budget for prints and textiles. 

You develop techniques which are quick to apply and its all about creating the best possible 

outcome in the time given. It is not like art where you can take time

 to develop something you really love.

Which is your favourite piece from our 

current collection ‘Chrysalis‘?

It would have to be the Renaissance Red ‘Aura’ dress in the ‘Embers Wings’ print.

Aura’ Gown ‘Embers Wings’ print in Renaissance Red

And which is your favourite ever Beulah garment?  

I love the red caftan with the floral print.  

What is your favourite Beulah print?

It would have to be the grey and blue floral print. It is not a typical floral print,

 it has a very modern edge to it. The colours are perfect and so easy to wear.


‘Sabitri’ Dress in our ‘Fractured Blossom Dark’ print

Art of the Print – ‘Blue Heart’ print