My Week In Beulah – Florrie Thomas

Florrie Thomas is a freelance stylist and co-founder of accessories destination &FINALLY. Prior to this, she worked at Harper’s Bazaar for 5 years where she still works, freelance, as Contributing Fashion Editor.

Who is your biggest inspiration and why?
My parents for sure. My mum has been through so much in her life and remains such a positive and wise person and a great inspiration to my sister and I. She is a councillor and councils me though life’s ups and downs. My dad is so hard working and has taught me to just do what I love, just as he had done.

What is your favourite flower?
Ranunculus top, but tulips close second.

How would you describe your personal style?
Definitely a little bohemian – I love a long floaty dress- and definitely vintage inspired as I have always loved vintage shopping but probably all with a dose of ‘London’.

What is your favourite Beulah piece this season?
It’s so hard to pick form such a vibrant collection but I would have to say the Kimono, I can see myself wearing it in London as much as on holiday and I love pieces that are so versatile and not just confined to good weather.

What do you think Beulah stands for and the work it does through The Beulah Trust?
I think it stands for both empowering woman, woman who unlike us don’t have the luxury of freedom, but also for having a social conscience. I think the fact that they can make beautiful pieces that will make the women who buy them feel confident in themselves, while supporting, through the Beulah Trust, women who are not so lucky and have been victims of sex trade is an amazing idea and they have achieved so much good by making it happen.

What drives you most in the work that you do?
Inspiration from others I think. Often this is visual, something i’ve seen on Instagram or a trip to an art gallery but sometimes this is just meeting inspiring people. It also helps absolutely loving what you do, and I know I’m so lucky to get up every day and do something that I love so much and just feels like fun!

What do you consider your greatest achievement?
Setting up &FINALLY with my co-founder and friend Anna, and leaving our jobs (which were also a great achievement to get!) to pursue it!

What’s the best place to eat / hang out in London?
Mine is Borough, where I live, as it feels so alive and you can literally eat whatever you fancy, roast lunch at the Garrison is delicious or brunch at Where the Pancakes are in Flat Iron square.

What is the best city you have been to?
I have been lucky enough to visit some amazing cities but I absolutely loved Tokyo, which I finally got to go to last year. A bit like London I guess you feel like the possibilities are endless – you get on the metro and come up amongst Anime and Maid cafes one minute, next its sky scrapers and a 5th avenue feel and then next it’s a cool east London vibe with independent cafes and vintage boutiques. You could easily spend two weeks there and never get bored and the food is the best of course.

What is your favourite way to travel?
Train- I HATE flying!

If you had to live in another country where would you move?
I live for summer and warm weather so somewhere hot where I could go to the beach every day and wear floaty summery dresses every day sooo…. Mexico?

Which words or phrases do you most overuse?
Things are often ‘the best’ or if they’re REALLY good ‘the best thing ever’

Where and when is your next trip?
To Sri Lanka for a friends wedding in April. I can’t wait; I’ve always wanted to go there.

If you could swap wardrobes with anyone who would it be?
Kate Moss, for sure

Where do you look for fashion inspiration?
Sometimes magazines but more and more I would say Instagram.

My Week In Beulah – Florrie Thomas