My Week In Beulah – Hattie West

Hattie West is a freelance copywriter and blogger covering everything from fashion and beauty to travel. Prior to this, she spent five years working at Condé Nast Publications in both magazine and digital departments.

Who is your biggest inspiration and why?

Friends and other young, independent women around me who are leaving office jobs in favour of starting their own businesses – be it starting new brands, running successful blogs, working as florists, wellness coaches, travel book authors and even one friend starting a sauna business – there’s so much more to all of it than meets the eye. It’s great to see women building each other up, we’re all learning everyday and figuring it out as we go. And Jane Birkin.

What is your favourite flower?


How would you describe your personal style?


What is your favourite Beulah piece?

The zigzag jumpsuit

What do you think Beulah stands for and the work it does through The Beulah Trust?

Beulah has been on my radar for years and I have huge respect for the way the brand uses fashion to raise awareness and funds for women affected by slavery – it’s fashion with a heart.

What drives you most in the work that you do?

Olly and Luna

What is your favourite beauty product?

This Works Pillow Spray and I’m excited about trying the new Caudalie skincare range.

What’s the best place to eat/hang out in London?

Restaurant and cafe-wise Andrew Edmunds, Polpo and Farm Girl are all brilliant and crucially dog-friendly. Gymkhana and House of Ho. London’s rooftops are an amazing way to see the city – Sushisamba, Shoreditch House and Radio bar and secret pockets like Blakes garden are great.

What is the best city you have been to?

New York for feeling alive, Sydney for beach life, Rome for world wonders.

Hattie west


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Day 2

Hattie West Beulah

Hattie West’s second day wearing our Zig Zag jumpsuit.

Day 3

Hattie West Beulah


Hattie West’s third day wearing our Coral Tile Print Sleeve Dress. Click on the link to see the available sizes.

Day 4

Hattie west beulah

Hattie West’s fourth day in Beulah wearing the Navy Rouleaux Button Blouse. Click the link to check available sizes.


Day 5

Hattie West Beulah


Hattie West’s fifth and final day in Beulah wearing the Coral Tile Print V-neck Dress. Click the link to check the sizes available.

My Week In Beulah – Hattie West