Louise Roe x Beulah

We are delighted to share with you our first homeware collaboration ‘Beulah x Louise Roe’.

Louise Roe is a broadcaster, fashion journalist, mother of two and designer who we believe was the perfect collaborator for this homeware collection, that is an ode to English summer.




 We are so excited to be launching this homeware collection with you. Tell us a bit about why you love the pieces you have helped co-design?

I am so excited too! I have adored wearing Beulah for many years, so to collaborate on their first ever homeware collection is a joy. I love the romance of ruffled hems, delicate embroidery and gingham, whether that’s on a dress or a tablecloth!

Which is your favourite item from the collection and why?

The round white floral appliqué tablecloth, with its matching linen napkins. The soft white ruffled linen is so fresh and clean, and it’s actually quite hard to find beautiful round tablecloths, so we made one! The hand-embroidered centrepiece was designed to create a lovely circle in the middle of the table, perfect for a lovely vase of flowers or jug of sangria.

How do you manage to juggle work and being a mother?

 I’m not sure I do, I’m not sure anyone does! I take each day at a time, try to carve out time for moments to myself (not that it happens much!) and have a fairly detailed online calendar I share with my husband and management team. Otherwise the plates don’t keep spinning! Above all though, family will always come first, and when things get stressful I try to take a breath and remember I’m not a heart surgeon. I am passionate about what I do, and lucky to be able to do it.


What’s the most fulfilling part of your job?

I get to wear a few hats, and I love that. I work in broadcasting, which is great fun, and I also launched my own homewares brand, Sharland England, at Christmas. Finding artisans around the world and designing ceramics and furniture, is the most creatively fulfilling thing I have ever done.


Do you have any tips on how to style your tablescape?

Don’t overthink it. I love a table that feels layered and mixed up- a little vintage piece from Granny here, a flea market find, a hand painted bowl from a trip, as long as everything has some kind of colour coordination, it will come together in a really organic way. Meals should be noisy, fun and not too formal, so the tablescape truly sets the tone. And always little vases of wild flowers!

What draws you to the social messaging behind the collection?

 As a woman with my own business, and a mother, I realise now more than ever how important it is to support other women in their work. What an initiative to be able to give women in vulnerable communities the skill set and career opportunity to support their own families. Each tablecloth provides 3-4 days employment for a vulnerable woman.
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