In 2010 we embarked on a volunteer mission in Delhi, helping transform the lives of vulnerable women who had been trafficked into the sex trade against their will. It proved to be a mission that would transform our lives too.

We experienced first hand the awful effects that modern day slavery imposes on innocent lives. But we also learned how by helping others find opportunities and employment, small acts of kindness can carry a truly significant impact of providing hope for the future.

Instantly compelled, the seed was sown to educate others on how they can help break the cycle of poverty for these women. Simultaneously, we were inspired to contribute to something greater than ourselves whilst doing something we loved…

Beulah was born.

A luxury womenswear brand with a social conscience. Every beautiful garment we sell helps us support vulnerable women through employment.

Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.

Since launching, our chic and elegant British designs have gained international acclaim; inspiring some of the world’s most influential women who share our passion and values to embrace our label and our cause.

Beulah is proud to be part of a new movement of brands and businesses embracing better business practices with 10% of profits from all of our sales funding The Beulah Trust.

With your support, we can be the catalyst for small actions that will continue to make a positive difference for women across the world. This is our ‘butterfly effect’; and we invite you to join us to continue to make that difference.

PRODUCT – Our vision is that each and every product will support and empower vulnerable women; providing them with employment opportunities that can make a world of difference

PURCHASE – With every purchase, we invite women to feel empowered through their purchase, not only by physically wearing the garment, but emotionally supporting our mission and cause.

DONATION – Every purchase directly contributes to funding The Beulah Trust and our charitable mission.

MATERIALS – A proportion of the silks from each collection is hand screen through Women’s Interlink Foundation, in association with Key To Freedom.

MANUFACTURE – In partnership with Freeset, we’re pursuing our mission to provide employment for women who will manufacture our products.