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Founders' wardrobes

posted 2021 Feb by


Browse our founders’ wardrobes. Discover their favourite pieces and how to style them. From everyday elevated workwear to the perfect vacation dresses.


“Pia is the perfect dress for a holiday. Or to feel like you’re on holiday. It’s effortless, soft and bright. There’s nothing like it. I pair it with a simple pair of sandals and a straw bag and it’s my favourite.”

- Lavinia, Co-Founder of Beulah.

“A simple white dress is a must for my wardrobe. I know as a mum it’s probably not the safest colour to wear, but it’s just so easy, effortless and gorgeous…I always have one with me on holiday, or at home If I want to feel like I’m on holiday… “ - Natasha, Co-Founder of Beulah.

Cynthia is going to be one of my favourites for this Spring & Summer. There’s just no going wrong with a long red floral dress. It's neckine is so flattering. “- Lavinia, Co-Founder of Beulah.

“Our classic Yahvi dress is just the most flattering shape and fit for any silhouette. It’s the perfect Beulah gown, I have a colour for each season and it’s my go to “ - Natasha, Co-Founder of Beulah. “ - Natasha, Co-Founder of Beulah.

“Omisha has been my lock down go to. It’s so warm, flattering and soft. It’s shape makes me look put together - perfect for a Zoom meeting these days, yet it’s so warm and soft. It’s been perfect for the in-between season we find ourselves in. ”

- Lavinia, Co-Founder of Beulah.