Our story is made by women, for women. 

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We are lucky to be surrounded and supported by women who never cease to amaze and inspire us. Every day we get to read beautiful comments of appreciation towards our brand, but also simple inspiring messages and testimonials that truly move us, as women. We decided to share some of the words of #WOMENOFBEULAH, as a thank you to them, but also in the hope that they can inspire and spread through women around the world. 

With love, Lavinia and Natasha. x

“ If I had to choose only one dress from my closet it would definitely be this pink gorgeous tailored midi dress.

And it’s not only because it is pretty or because of its extra comfy material…it is because it is created by a brand that truly makes a difference in the fashion industry.” 

- @aleksandrabacovic's on our Yahvi Pink Dress and how she discovered Beulah.


“I’ve been quietly listening and learning, while also looking at India and remembering the goodness and innocence of every baby who comes into the world. Never has it been more important to lead by example, learn from our own mistakes and raise a generation of anti-racist allies.⁣” 

- @Rosannafalconer on become a mother. 

“As you enter each phase of your life you change subtly with age or if you experience motherhood your body drastically changes due to pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding. My mother always taught me to love my body no matter what. However, when I was younger I was riddled with lots of insecurities about many things and often compared myself to others. I feel grateful that since giving birth I have learned to appreciate my body and myself on a whole new level as it created my beloved daughter Luna. I was lucky as my body created the milk that nourished her through breastfeeding and despite the changes, when I look in the mirror now I no longer see any of the flaws that I used to but instead see a woman who has been on a wonderful journey.” 

- @anouskabethwith on motherhood.