What does modern slavery look like?

Modern slavery

“More than 45 million people are living in modern slavery, with Asia accounting for two thirds of the victims, a new report says.”

“Modern forms of slavery can include debt bondage (where a person is forced to work for free to pay off a debt), child slavery, forced marriage, domestic servitude and forced labour, where victims are made to work through violence and intimidation.”

The BBC has explored five examples of modern slavery. These include:

1) The Seafood Industry in which “human rights groups say thousands of people are trafficked and forced to work on fishing boats, where they can be kept for years without ever seeing the shore. Victims say those who are caught trying to escape can be killed and thrown overboard”

2) Slavery is also common within Cannabis Factories and Nail bars with figures suggesting that there could be between “10,000 and 13,000 victims of slavery in the UK, trafficked from countries including Albania, Nigeria, Vietnam and Romania.”

Furthermore, about “3,000 children from Vietnam alone” are thought to be working in cannabis farms and nail bars in Britain.

3) Sexual Slavery is the most common form of human trafficking today. The International Labour Organization estimates that there are 4.5 million victims of forced sexual exploitation. Shandra Woworuntu, now an activist against human trafficking was once forced into sexual slavery after being tricked into believing she was going to be working in hospitality.

4) Reports have shown that “many children across Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East are forced to beg on the streets by criminals.” Forced begging is often overlooked as a form of modern day slavery. However, one victim told researchers: “Though I am begging I am not paid a single amount. I have to deposit all to them. I am deprived of food and good sleep. I am not paid my wages only working as a bonded labour.”

5) Finally, a lot of modern slavery isn’t visible in public, taking place behind closed doors in homes and on private farms. Just last week, “three men from the same family in the UK were jailed for forcing a man to do heavy labour for next to no money.”

“Michael Hughes, 46, was forced to work for the family for more than 20 years, doing building work and road laying. He said he was made to live in a 1.2m (4ft) wide garden shed with no heating or running water for two years.”

This shows that slavery is happening today in all different forms.

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What does modern slavery look like?