Uncondemned – The Story of Triumph and Hope

Beulah London is built upon the foundation of providing support and promoting justice for women across the world. The founders of the business, Nats and Lav, both passionately believe in telling the stories of those who have overcome adversity and terrible ordeals in order to help others who are still fighting for freedom and justice.

In a recent documentary film called ‘Uncondemned’, Michele Mitchell and Nick Louvel tell the world changing story of a group of young international lawyers and activists who worked with women in Rwanda to make rape recognised as an international war crime. All the Rwandan women involved help to make history by testifying in trials to win justice where there had been none before and ensuring rape was considered as an international war crime.


All the women can be seen proudly posing in their treasured Shibani Scarves from Beulah, a symbol of freedom and justice. From left to right: Witness NN, Witness OO, Witness JJ and Godelieve Mukasarasi.

These four women each tell their own incredible story, but together they were the linchpin of the 1997 Akayesu case, one of the first cases that brought to prominence the case of rape being seen as an international war crime. NN and OO currently live in Kigali, Rwanda, and JJ and Godelieve live in Taba, the same small town where Jean-Paul Akayesu was mayor and presided over the genocide and thousands of rapes during the 1994 genocide in Rwanda.

Their bravery and courage to stand up and testify in the trial meant that they changed history for women in war zones all over the world. They haven’t stopped there however and since working with Michele they hope that their story will inspire and offer courage to others in vulnerable positions.

Kigali Women

All four women involved as well as Michele Mitchell continue to work tirelessly to provide support and inspiration for other women around the world that are currently still suffering and Beulah are proud to be able to be a part of their story, and we think they all look beautiful in their scarves.

For more information on the film and the trials that took place visit: http://www.theuncondemned.com/#the-film you can also follow news from the documentary on twitter at @theuncondemned or follow Michele Mitchell @michelefilmat11

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Beulah in partnership with the United Nation’s ‘Blue Heart’ Campaign, will donate 10% of profits from sales of this scarf to the Blue Heart Campaign which helps to raise awareness of the problem of human trafficking and inspires those with decision-making power to effect change.

Uncondemned – The Story of Triumph and Hope