Our journey began in India in 2009, when we embarked on a volunteer mission and witnessed the devastating reality of modern day slavery and the cycle of re-exploitation if women, trapped in vulnerable situations, couldn’t access positive opportunities.



Compelled to create positive change and economic independence of these women, we founded Beulah. An ethical luxury womenswear brand with a social mandate: to empower women through the development of skilled craft techniques and sustainable employment in order to break the cycle of poverty. Since launching, our timeless and elegant British designs have gained international acclaim, endorsement from some of the world’s most influential women who share our passion, values and cause.

We are proud to be part of the modern movement of brands using business as a force for good, and with your support can be the catalyst for small actions that create big differences in the lives of women across the world. See exactly how we make a difference through The Beulah Trust

Natasha and Lavinia, Co-Founders x