Olivia Callaghan – My Week in Beulah LFW – Day 1

Introducing Olivia Callaghan, head of Mr Boho UK, our favourite sunglasses brand. We dressed Olivia for LFW in pieces from our current collection.


Tell us about Mr Boho UK…
Mr. Boho is an on trend, cool and affordable sunglasses brand where quality as well as fashion is of upmost importance. By bringing a global brand which I have been involved with from day one, to the UK where it hadn’t yet made an impact was an obvious move once I finished university. We’re now hoping for some better weather next summer, but until then we’ve got some great new watches coming in.

How would you describe your style?
Classic with a slightly sporty edge. Crisp shirts and cashmere jumpers with trainers are my go to.

Which show was your favourite?
Alice Temperley.

What’s you favourite Beulah piece 
The saffron blouse and off the shoulder dress (coming soon).

What’s your secret place to eat/hang out in London. 
Dean street townhouse is great spot for dinner after watching the shows.

What’s your favourite flower?

What is your favourite quote? 
Imagination is more important than knowledge – Albert Einstein


Olivia wears our silk Azalea scarf in Lamorran print around her neck and as a top with culottes and flats. Sunglasses Mr Boho UK.



Images: Ingrid Hong (@ingridgoesto)

Olivia Callaghan – My Week in Beulah LFW – Day 1