Myth: Human Trafficking Only Happens Abroad

“Human trafficking occurs in cities all across the United States. According to the International Labor Organization (ILO), developed economies including North America, the European Union, Australia, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, Iceland, Norway and Switzerland account for 1.5 million human trafficking victims, or 7 percent of victims worldwide.”

“Domestic traffickers often target international victims using pre-existing personal connections abroad.”

“Victims of human trafficking often interact with bystanders who are aware or become suspicious of the exploitation.”

“Greater public awareness is necessary to incentivize and encourage bystanders to report suspected cases, and increased resources are critical to more effectively detecting, investigating, and prosecuting both sex and labor trafficking. It’s not a far-off problem of undeveloped countries, but one that must be dealt with in our own backyard.”

For more information on specific cases read Meghan Hampsey’s Human Rights First article here.

Myth: Human Trafficking Only Happens Abroad