Make a difference, and support our sisters around the world to a new chance of life this Valentine’s as we revisit our #SheIs campaign, created to raise awareness on modern day slavery.

Through a collaboration with the charity YouCanFreeUs, we have created a series of portraits with women who have been rescued from human trafficking. The portraits were created by photographer Danielle Valimont and illustrator LulaHerself.

The portraits tell the story of survivors of human trafficking who has been living in one of the YouCanFreeUs safe houses, where they have been through a rehabilitation programme. Through the rehability program they have learned new skills so they can get jobs, and eventually start a new life safe from slavery.

In each portrait the women are partly covered by a drawn in flower to conceal their identity. The women in the portraits has chosen the flower themselves, and it symbolises their freedom and restoration.

It’s a representation of the undeniable beauty that is within each human being, in spite of their circumstances, and the indestructible value of life that now flourishes in hope of new beginnings.

Raise awareness

Every portrait sold helps raise money to our partnering charity YouCanFreeUs, and equally important, it raises modern day slavery awareness. Many might think the slavery is something that is only happening in other parts of the world. However, over 15,000 people are estimated to be trapped in slavery in the UK.

There are thought to be a staggering 300 brothels within the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea alone, where 75% of the women are being held against their will.
Further, there are an estimated 45.8 million people trapped in slavery worldwide, with 95% of them being women and children. In fact, modern slavery is the fastest growing criminal activity, worth over $150billion every year. Every 30 seconds someone is trafficked, but only 63,000 victims of slavery were reported last year.

Gift that matters
So, make a difference, and support our sisters around the world to a new chance of life this Valentine’s. Our portraits are available to buy here.

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