Beulah London and Women’s Interlink Foundation

Women’s Interlink Foundation is an independent NGO that provides disadvantaged women, vulnerable children and wider communities with access to the essential amenities required to support their basic human rights.

The Foundation works towards the implementation of woman, child and community development projects, using a need-based model of interventions. This includes the provision of literacy services, the protection of vulnerable women and children, as well as the rehabilitation and reintegration of victims of human trafficking.

Beulah London is proud to partner with Women’s Interlink Foundation and provides an outlet for the Foundation’s sustainable fashion accessories.

The Work of Women’s Interlink Foundation

Women’s Interlink Foundation (or WIF for short) was founded in Kolkata in 1990, with the goal of designing and implementing programs to empower disadvantaged and abused women. They aim to provide them with the skills and support necessary to help them to lead independent lives and care for themselves and their families.

Registered in India under the Charitable Trusts Act, Women’s Interlink Foundation fights against the deprivation of basic human rights, provides literacy support, workplace skills training, and offers meaningful employment opportunities to the women that it assists. The Foundation works hard to develop strong community networks and supportive working relationships. It runs campaigns on both a national and international level to promote social justice and sustainability for communities.

Under the remit of its various projects, the Women’s Interlink Foundation aims to act as a catalyst for the achievement of self-reliance for vulnerable women and children in India. They focus on those who are most vulnerable and have fallen victim to social injustice or sexual exploitation and human trafficking.

The WIF aim to create safe and accessible opportunities for vulnerable women and children to improve their literacy and learn self-supporting workplace skills. They do this to enable families and communities to build secure, independent futures and take control of their own lives, free from the fear of exploitation and victimisation.

Children’s projects allow vulnerable, displaced and trafficked children, to learn vital life skills including literacy and numeracy. They also give them the chance to begin vocational training to allow them to become self-supporting adults with the necessary skills to make a living.

Projects for women include raising awareness of the individual rights and opportunities that should be available to every woman, regardless of background, as well as providing skills, workplace training and real employment opportunities to enable socioeconomic freedom and personal empowerment.
One of Women’s Interlink Foundation’s flagship programs is the Key To Freedom project, which launched in 2012.

Key To Freedom is supported by The Prince Andrew Charitable Trust and helps to find retail outlets for garments created by Women’s Interlink Foundation’s skilled workforce. The project provides additional opportunities for growth and supports the fair living wage paid to the women within WIF’s workforce.

Beulah London and the Women’s Interlink Foundation

Beulah London is delighted to play a part in Key To Freedom and support the work of Women’s Interlink Foundation by commissioning the Foundation to supply top quality hand-screened silk fabrics. We use the fabric in pieces such as own bespoke-designed collection of Bless It Forward silk ties and scarves.

Hand block-printed with our exclusive Beulah Hearts print, every Bless It Forward tie provides employment and a living wage to one woman for one day. They allow vulnerable women to use their skills and assert their independence by maintaining the ability to support themselves and their families financially. Their ultimate goal is to enable communities to achieve independence and a sustainable future.

How You Can Support Women’s Interlink Foundation

In order to be able to continue to offer training and employment opportunities to vulnerable women, the Women’s Interlink Foundation relies on support and advocacy from both individuals and organisations.

You can make a donation to Women’s Interlink Foundation here. Learn more about the Foundation and their work via their website, and follow the Foundation on Facebook to stay up to date with their latest news.

By purchasing one of our sustainable fashion Bless It Forward hand-blocked silk ties, your purchase will provide employment for one woman for one day. Our purchased scarves directly support both the Foundation in its aims and allow a vulnerable woman to earn a fair wage to support herself and her family.
This plays a vital role in helping the Foundation to grow and reach out to more women and families, and to enable its workers to break the cycle of poverty and exploitation that traps communities, providing hope and meaningful opportunities for future generations.

Image credits: Women’s Interlink Foundation


Beulah London and Women’s Interlink Foundation