5 Blogs About Sustainable Fashion You Should Be Following

If you are committed to sustainable fashion and want to keep up with the latest news, trends, and eco-friendly fashion companies. Or, if you just want to read some advice and insights from other fashion enthusiasts read our list of great sustainable fashion blogs which will help you do just that.

We have handpicked five of the best eco-friendly fashion blogs that we think you should be following, so her are our favourites, in no particular order.


Tartan Brunette

British blogger Jen Brownlie launched Tartan Brunette, or The Sustainable Edit in 2014 as a platform to talk about her love of fast fashion. However, over the course of her first year as a blogger, Jen’s tastes and interests evolved into sustainable fashion and slow fashion, which is the ethos of her blog today.

The Tartan Brunette blog is dedicated to sharing the journey of the author’s evolution from fast fashion fanatic to eco-friendly fashion advocate. It provides a wealth of information and insights for both dedicated green fashion advocates, and those who wish to start making more sustainable fashion choices.

Capsule collections, building and working an eco-friendly wardrobe without compromising on quality, and easy-to-follow introductory primers on sustainable fashion all feature heavily within the Tartan Brunette blog, all interspersed of course with the author’s own insights and experiences.

Why we love Tartan Brunette/Sustainable Edit: Thoughtful, accessible and insightful pointers and information on the nature of our relationship with clothing and style, and how to make eco-friendly fashion choices.

Image credit: Tartan Brunette

Clothes Hanging

Tortoise and Lady Grey

Tortoise and Lady Grey is a slow fashion and sustainable style blog by feminist and women’s advocate Summer Edwards, with the goal of inspiring readers to adopt the slow fashion lifestyle and make ethical and sustainable clothing choices.

Incorporating detailed reviews of sustainable fashion products and product lines, DIY tutorials for textile crafts and clear and honest information on the wide-ranging negative impacts of the conventional commercial fashion industry, Summer Edwards has built up a wide depth and breadth of knowledge on every element of sustainable fashion.

Ranging from fabric selection and colouring techniques through to distribution and retail, Summer’s blog serves as a knowledgebase about sustainable fashion, and why it is so important.

Why we love Tortoise and Lady Grey: Summer Edwards’ appreciation for slow fashion combined with her activism and advocacy for women in developing countries (including her work with a women’s NGO in China) strongly reflects our own ethos of sustainable fashion and female empowerment.

Image credits: Tortoise and Lady Grey 


Fashion Me Green

Greta Eagan is a creative professional in the fashion and beauty industry, who blogs under the title Fashion Me Green. This photo-centric sustainable fashion blog, and a great all-rounder for readers wishing to learn more about eco-friendly fashion from someone in the industry. She is also a great source of news and reviews on different eco-beauty brands and products too. Greta’s ethos centres around style, sustainability and sacrifice, incorporating every element of both her lifestyle and professional endeavours.

Why we love Fashion Me Green: Looking for engaging and informative sustainable fashion, beauty and lifestyle content and low-impact living insights all in one place? This is the blog for you.

Image credits: Fashion Me Green

Sustainably Chic

Sustainably Chic is the online home of 27-year-old Florida native Natalie, who started her blog in 2014 as an accessible destination for other women with a passion for making sustainable fashion, beauty and lifestyle choices.

The blog is written for women who want to combine a love of fashion with responsible choices and an appreciation for the holistic nature of eco-friendly apparel. Natalie’s background in the fashion industry became the catalyst for her personal journey to make the industry itself a better place for both the consumers and producers of clothing and accessories.

Why we love Sustainably Chic: This blog highlights the author’s everyday journey to making better choices when it comes to fashion and lifestyle, in an accessible, comprehensive format incorporating lots of great imagery, and insights into the challenges of making eco-friendly fashion and lifestyle choices too!

Image credits: Sustainably Chic

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Eco Warrior Princess

Finally, Jennifer Nini of Eco Warrior Princess is one of the most well-known and highly regarded eco-friendly fashion bloggers around. She is not only dedicated to sustainable fashion, but is also widely regarded as an innovative off-grid living pioneer.

Jennifer’s blog talks about her lifestyle as an organic farmer, bee-keeper and sustainable fashion advocate, and as well as her own experiences. Jennifer has built up a small and dedicated team of additional contributors to her blog too. The diverse range of viewpoints, articles and think-pieces that make up Eco Warrior Princess combine to make this blog more of a comprehensive online magazine for those interested in the sustainable lifestyle, and is a must-read for any sustainable fashion enthusiast.

Why we love Eco Warrior Princess: Proving that high fashion and cutting-edge style do not have to be mutually exclusive with making green choices, Jennifer’s blog is an excellent resource for anyone seeking to learn more about sustainable fashion and eco-friendly living from someone who is actually out there doing just that!

Image credits: Eco Warrior Princess


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5 Blogs About Sustainable Fashion You Should Be Following