Beulah Made-To-Order

Beulah are thrilled to officially launch our Made-to-Order service in our flagship store on Elizabeth Street, Belgravia. The service specialises in creating timeless, elegant garments that flatter and enhance your figure.  At Beulah we believe that every woman has been individually and uniquely created; our vision is to empower the women who make and wear our dresses.

Having your clothes ‘Made-to-Order’ is the ultimate luxury experience. Bespoke customers have the opportunity to have their garment made to perfectly fit their shape.

With our Made-to-Order service it is possible to choose from existing and previous styles in a variety of colours and fabrics. Additionally we offer the customer  the choice of removing or adding basic elements such as sleeves and hem lengths.

Natasha & Lavinia

What’s your involvement in the Made-to-Order Service?

Both of us love being involved in choosing the right style for the customer. There’s nothing more satisfying than finding the right style for someone and making them feel beautiful inside and out.

Beulah london bespoke fabric rolls pattern
A selection of fabric rolls from 2014

More materials used to make Made-to-Order garments

Can you tell us a bit about the bespoke journey and why it’s special?

The are one-to-one appointments with our in house pattern maker who is really professional and a master at creating one off pieces that fit beautifully. Each dress is unique. 

Which is your favourite made-to-order piece?

Natasha: The Seraphina dress, the fit flare shape is so flattering

Lavinia: Mine is the Porcelain dress, 

Seraphina White
The ‘Seraphina’ Dress in White
Porcelain Green LB copy beulah london long dress evergreen chiffon
‘Porcelain’ Gown in Evergreen

Why did you decide to offer it as an option at Beulah?

There was increasing demand from our customer for custom made dresses in a variety of colours for special occasions.

Lavinia and Natasha overseeing quality control

What’s the most fun/satisfying element of the Made-to-Order process for you and what do you think it is for the customer?

Seeing the end result is really rewarding

Lady-Natasha-Rufus_isaacs beulah london fitting bespoke shop store evening gown porcelain white
Natasha fitting our ‘Porcelain’ evening gown in Dove Grey


What’s your involvement in the Bespoke Service? 

I am the freelance designer who creates the seasonal concepts taking these ideas forward into the collection design, from initial sketch through to production. The garments in the bespoke range have been carefully hand selected to encapsulate the aesthetic of Beulah. 


Can you tell us a bit about the journey of the bespoke and why it’s special? 

The client will be welcomed into store by our sales team and will be handed a specially crafted folder showcasing the bespoke styles. The client will be given the opportunity to choose the style, colour and make design amendments specific to her needs. The service will be discreet and fittings will take place with the garment being altered accordingly. The idea of having a one of garment that perfectly meets the needs of the customer in terms of fit, design, and individuality is something we have been developing for some seasons. We want our customers to feel special and unique. 

Which is your favourite bespoke piece? 

The ‘Angelica’ is my favourite dress as it is chic and contemporary. The flattering silhouette is elegant and timeless. 

Beulah London Angelica Dress Red evening gown strapless bow
The ‘Angelica’ Dress


What’s your involvement in the Bespoke Service? 

I’m Beulah’s in house creative pattern cutter. I create and custom make each individual garment from scratch using the design and measurements from the customer to create a unique pattern for each client which can then be made into the bespoke garment. 

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 16.31.15

Can you tell us a bit about the journey of the bespoke and why it’s special? 

After the customer has chosen their design I measure the client and then custom make each individual pattern piece to create a one off garment. We first make a toile (prototype) of their garment and then fit this on the customer. I then make any alterations required and tweak this according to the customers needs. These alterations are then transferred once again onto a pattern and then the real sample can be cut and made for the final fitting. Each pattern is completely unique and custom fit so it really is a one off special piece however still keeping the Beulah essence. 

Which is your favourite bespoke piece? 

The Porcelain gown!

Natasha and Lavinia with the production team

Included within the Made-to-Order service is a consultation with a Beulah Stylist & in house pattern maker where your measurements are taken.  To ensure the final garment is perfectly fitted to your figure, a toile or prototype garment is made up for the first fitting, which is pinned, tweaked and altered to meet your requirements.  As soon as the toile has been translated into the fabric or silk of your choice, we invite you to be fitted with your beautiful garment.

(From start to finish the Made-to-Order process takes between 6-8 weeks and the cost of service starts from £700 for the spectrum service, added to the original price of the garment)

Our spectrum service allows our customer to chose from a specific colour that suits you and enhances your natural complexion.

(The Spectrum process takes between 4-6 weeks, the cost starts from £350 for the Spectrum service, added to the original price of the garment)

Beulah Made-To-Order