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This week for #myweekinbeulah Zoe Cole of blog Fashionably Balanced shares her favourite pieces from our new Autumn Winter collection ‘CHRYSALIS’.

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Zoe is an ex fashion model, married to ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ ballroom dancer Brendan Cole. They have a two year old daughter called Aurélia. She recently launched a holistic lifestyle blog titled ‘Fashionably Balanced’ which she describes as a “space to fulfill her creative desires.”

Zoe and Brendan at the Audi Polo this summer
Husband Brendan and Daughter Aurélia

Today we asked Zoe: Who is your biggest inspiration?

“I don’t like to tie this tag to any one person. I take inspiration from different people all the time. Some in a working role and others in a lifestyle capacity. I have friends who I see as role models as mothers and parents. Generally I get inspiration from people who seem the most happy, relaxed and content with their lives. People who know how to chill out and take life as it comes as this is something I struggle with at times!”

Today Zoe wears our ‘Isa’ Midi Pencil skirt in Ice Blue and Silk ‘Radiance’ Tee

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Day 2


Today we asked Zoe  about her aspirations for the future…

“My aspirations are fairly simple. I aspire to be the best parent I possibly can be and to give my daughter all the love, support and emotional security that I can. I hope to continue to find fulfilment in my work and find contentment within myself both mentally, physically and spiritually.”

Today Zoe chose to wear the Serena dress in the ‘Fluttering Wings’ print in blue.  It is a fusion of modern elegance with Italian inspired styled details.  It has been crafted from swathes of weightless silk-chiffon with feminine detailing to accentuate the sensuous movement of the fabric.

Chiffon afternoon dress with scarf detail in blue print

The ‘Serena’ Dress is due to be released later in the season

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Zoe accessorised the outfit with this gorgeous evening clutch from Aspinal of London


 Photography by Antonia Peña

Day 3


Today Zoe Cole took to the streets of London looking fabulously British…


Zoe’s favourite quote –

“Live in the sunshine.  Swim in the sea.  Drink the wild air.”  – Ralph Waldo Emerson


We asked Zoe what her favourite flower is and she replied that –

“One of my favourite scents in the whole world is Rose but I also adore the smell of sweet peas and the look of the beautiful, bold Peony.”


The ‘Amelia’ Skirt has a dip hem and a striking yet soft bow with a luxe finish making it perfect for cocktail events.

20-beulah-green-skirt-white-blouse-zoe-cole-aspinal-bag SOFT NOTCH NECK SHIRT

Zoe wore this ‘Sia’ satin chiffon blouse in oyster tucked in for an elegant evening ensemble.  It can be worn untucked for a more casual look.

Bag – The ‘Hepburn’ Bag – Aspinal of London


Photography by Antonia Peña


Day 4

Today we ask Zoe Cole what her Favourite Beulah piece from the new collection:

“Just one?! There are so many fantastic pieces this season. I love the Georgia Dress (see day 5) for evening and for a smart daytime event it has to be the ‘Amelia’ Skirt. This is such beautiful classic piece and hubby loves it too so I may have to invest in this one! “

What does Inner Beauty mean to you?

Inner beauty- I think inner beauty has a lot to do with the way a person looks at life. Someone with a positive outlook who is kind and empathetic towards others. Self-assured but not self-absorbed. Someone who tries to be the best person they possible can and wishes the best for everyone around them. To me this is true inner beauty. 

Today Zoe wears the ‘Ivy’ Skirt and ‘Fawn’ Top.  Shop the skirt here: Fawn top coming soon!

Bag – The Mayfair Bag – BURGUNDY SAFFIANO – Aspinal of London

‘Ivy’ Skirt in “Fluttering Wings” print
_DSC3938 _DSC3893 aspinal bag

Gorgegous Bag – The Mayfair Bag – BURGUNDY SAFFIANO – Aspinal of London

Photography by Antonia Pena


Day 5

For Zoe Cole’s last day in #myweekinbeulah Zoe wears her favourite piece from the new collection; ‘The Georgia Dress’

We asked Zoe what motivated her to start her blog ‘Fashionably Balanced’
“I’ve always had an interest in a more natural way of living. I grew up with a mother who was an osteopath and later a naturopath and so always tended to rely more on a natural way of healing and preventing illness. We live in a world that’s becoming more riddled with disease and illness and I don’t always think that conventional “Western” medicine looks at the cause. Just a way of treating with drugs. “holistic” means looking at a person as a whole. Mind, body and spirit.
I love to do research into the latest nutritional findings and ways of living a healthy, holistic lifestyle. Through social media I realised there was a lot of useful stuff I was discovering that others didn’t necessarily know. I was getting a lot of interest from related tweets and instagrams and people who were following me began to suggest I started a blog. I have no formal qualifications and I’m not trying to tell people how to live their lives. Just sharing interesting finding and things that I have personally found useful. Having come from a modelling background I’ve always been interested in beauty and fashion and luckily as “holistic” encompasses the “whole” person these can also be relevant to a persons happiness! 😉
I only blog about positive experiences and products that I like. I try to only cover mostly natural beauty products with no nasty chemicals and fashion labels with an ethical background.
If even one person can find something on the blog that they find useful or inspiring or that changes an aspect of their life for the better then I will have done what I set out to do!”

The ‘Georgia‘ dress in our Fluttering Wings print in Evergreen



‘Mayfair’ bag in Burgundy Saffiano – Aspinal of London

Photography by Antonia Pena


Zoe Cole – #myweekinbeulah