Mariya Dykalo of Aspinal of London

This week Mariya Dykalo is showing us her favourite Beulah London pieces and how she wears them….

Mariya is Creative Director for luxury lifestyle brand Aspinal of London. A working mother, Mariya is responsible for creating beautiful handbags and small accessories every day as well as bringing up her two adorable children.
Mariya and her children – daughter Safiya and son Jack.

We sat down with Mariya to find out where her inspiration comes from, how Aspinal of London came about and a few of her favourite things. Each day we will be sharing her answers…

‘Porcelain’ dress in Evergreen

Who is your biggest inspiration and why?

For me inspiration comes from all angles of life! I’m inspired by artists like Monet for his incredible use of colour and Damien Hurst for his innovation. In fashion I admire British designers like Stella McCartney, Emilia Wickstead and Etre Cecile for their unique ideas in design.hirst_2092076b
Water Lilies by Claude Monet OSA098

I also can’t help but be inspired when at home. The minds of my children are so pure and magical! I love spending time playing with them, singing nursery rhymes and watching old films. We go on wonderful walks around our home in Sussex taking in the scents, colours and patterns – this activity can often turn into moodboards as soon as I get home!

Day One – Mariya wears our ‘Porcelain’ Dress in Evergreen  with Aspinal Gold Mini Manhattan clutch and Athena cuff. Perfect for an evening out, this chiffon silk dress, flatters the waist beautifully.

Day 2

In day two of #myweekinbeulah Mariya has chosen an elegant Lace White Dress– the ‘Amara’, matching it with her stiking Neon Pink Saddle Bag from Aspinal. We love this bright, summer combination!

Today Mariya tells us more about her aspirations, and how Aspinal of London started out…

What are your aspirations?

 I aspire to help other women like the wonderful duo, Natasha and Lavinia from Beulah! Their work with the Beulah Trust that helps women trapped by slavery all over the world – this is very inspiring. I also have friends who work tirelessly to raise money for the Royal Brompton Hospital in Chelsea – Aspinal of London always support in any way we can to try and make a difference.

In life I aspire to be the best I can be. I give love and support to my children , my husband and my family and support and encourage my peers at work.

Left: Mariya and Natasha attend Boodles Tennis in Beulah and matching nude Aspinal Handbags Right: Jodie Kidd wears Beulah’s Lily Dress , and Aspinal Handbag to Wimbledon this year.
Lace and Neon – Beulah ‘Amara’ dress and Letterbox Saddle Bag

Tell us more about the story behind Aspinal of London?

Aspinal was originally established to supply handmade in England beautiful leather accessories and stationary to the world’s best museums and galleries, like the Louvre, The Vatican and The National History Museum, before becoming a consumer brand .

Aspinal of London has remained true to its artisanal heritage, making hand crafted leather goods with a distinctly British style.

Day 3

Today Mariya tells us a few of her favourite things whilst wearing the Ava Blouse in our Flower Spirits Blush print and her adorable dog, Dasiy for a stroll. Gorgeous leather handbag, doggie collar and Leash all Aspinal of London.

‘Ava’ Blouse on sale now! Marylebone Handbag – Aspinal of London

What is you favourite quote?

“Do what your love and never give up!”

What are your favourite flowers?




Ava Blouse & Aspinal of London Accessories

Day 4

What is your favourite Beulah piece from the Spring/Summer Collection?

The Juliet Flower Spirits dress in Blush is my favourite – it’s a beautiful feminine piece, when I wear it I feel gorgeous!

Its Perfect with my Aspinal Mini Nude Buckle Bag

Juliet dress in ‘Flower Spirits Blush’ – On sale now!
Juliet dress in ‘Flower Spirits Blush’ – On sale now!
Bag – Mini Shoulder Buckle Bag in Smooth Nude from Aspinal of London
Juliet dress in bespoke flower spirits blush print



Mariya Dykalo of Aspinal of London