Marissa Montgomery #myweekinbeulah

The gorgeous Marissa Montgomery, co founder of Rotton Roach and TV presenter for Get the Gloss and Nylon TV kicks off #Myweekinbeulah.


Today she is wearing Beulah’s Ava Shirt and Amelia Skirt, from Beulah’s SS’15 Collection.

1. Who is your biggest inspiration and why?

My parents they are constantly teaching me things about life, art, music. Otherwise it’s Stevie Nick.

Marissa Montgomery My Week in Beulah

2. What are your aspirations as a business woman for the next 5 years?

To grow a great business that people love and trust selling good quality products that I’m proud of. To continue surrounding myself with inspiring and amazing people. I also want to continue my acting classes, I’m currently at RADA in the evening classes.

Marissa Montgomery wearing Beulah London

3. What is your favourite quote or mantra?

Be grateful and kind and mostly try not to loose my tiny temper! Mantra is probably any Fleetwoodmac song.

[quote] “Time makes you bolder. Children get older I’m getting older too.” – ‘Landslide’ Fleetwood Mac[/quote]

4. What does Inner Beauty mean to you?



5. What is your favourite flower?

Can I have a tree instead … I like palm trees.

Marissa Montgomery wearing Beulah London SHibani Blue Hearts Print Scarf
Marissa Montgomery #myweekinbeulah