Maddie Chesterton – My week in Beulah

Introducing Maddie Chesterton, owner of Baar & Bass, a luxury fashion and lifestyle boutique on London’s Kings Road.

1. Who is your biggest inspiration and why?
Our biggest inspiration would be ‘Biba’ THE store of the 70’s. Every inch was filled with unique, well curated, artistic treasures.

2. What are your aspirations?
To grow our own brand and be appreciated for our unusual, original style and design. For our clients to come in and enjoy the surroundings.

3. What’s your favourite flower?
Rose. The scent of our first own brand candle, inspired by the aroma of the French Rivera and Bridget Bardot.

4. What’s your favourite Beulah piece?
The Kew – Aster dress it’s a beautiful bias cut that makes you feel so feminine and romantic due to its elegant fish-tail and delicate print.

5. What’s your favourite secret place to eat/ hang out in London?
It’s not exactly secret but La Familia just along the Kings Road from Baar and Bass. It’s filled with family memories through black and white prints that adorn the walls. They keep it simple and the food is just out of this world. My favourite time to go is Sunday lunch with friends and family and enjoy the atmosphere and everything they have to offer.

6. How would you describe your style?
I’m pretty much obsessed with everything 70’s. From the fashion, to the interior and the music. Such a romantic, dreamy era. I’m very much a t.shirt, jeans kinda gal but when I make an effort this is very much the style I work towards.

7. What is your favourite quote?
‘Everything happens for a reason’ so standard, I know!! But it’s one thing that gets me through life. No matter how good or bad, if that is the path that is set for you, that’s the one you need to take and you will learn and come out all the better.

Day 1. Maddie wears our limited edition Iris Hydrangea print off the shoulder dress. Each dress has been block printed by vulnerable women in Kolkata, India providing them with employment and a chance to create an alternative, sustainable livelihood.



Day 2

Our Aster – Kew chiffon off the shoulder dress is one of Maddie’s favourite pieces from our collection. Its  flattering and easy-to-wear silhouette makes it the ideal dress for day-to-night summer parties.  Maddie has styled hers with gold T-bar heels and jewellery  from her boutique Baar and Bass.

Day 3



Day 3. Maddie styles her silk Saffron Lamorran Blouse with jeans and pumps.


Day 4


Day 4. Maddie wears our Primrose Spice Blouse (coming soon) and Navy Evelyn Trousers.


Day 5

Day 5. Maddie wears our off the shoulder Iris dress. Cut from the finest hammered silk in a striking hot pink, it’s the perfect dress for summer parties. Maddie pairs hers with gold t-bar heels, a floral print clutch and simple gold jewellery.

Maddie Chesterton – My week in Beulah