Beulah London on Sky Sunrise

This morning I had the privilege to speak this morning on Sky Sunrise about modern day slavery.
Although i have a ridiculous fear of public speaking (i woke up every hour last night in cold sweats), I had to remind myself of why i was speaking out about modern day slavery and the power of awareness to help victims. I also felt thankful to have a voice. Many many people (in fact an estimated 45 million) don’t have a voice and are trapped in slavery. 90% of those are women and children.
The fact is that today slavery is hidden in our every day lives; in nail bars, car washes, construction sites, domestic slavery and sexual exploitation. We are all responsible as it’s an issue happening on our doorstep. If we feel a situation isn’t right and that person who does our nails or washes our car might be enslaved, we need to speak out and call the police or the Modern Slavery Helpline: 08000 121 700
 Watch the video here.
x Natasha
Beulah London on Sky Sunrise