Make your Shibani Scarf an Essential Staple – Danielle Peazer

Looking to show off your Beulah hearts for any occasion? Luckily, fashion blogger and Beulah Girl, Danielle Peazer has showcased the many ways to wear our blue heart Shibani scarves on her instagram.

As winter’s chill continues to torment, try this knotted, West Village inspired look! This cozy, yet elegant style can be achieved by wrapping one side of the scarf around the neck followed by a consecutive knot. This style conserves heat, and creates a billowy silhouette worthy for any on-the-go outfit. Below, Peazer pairs our print perfectly with gray tartan wool coat and on trend to sneakers to give our classic scarf a sporty makeover.

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Putting the scarf in a simple drape around the back of the neck never goes out of style and is easiest way to show off your Shibani. Paired with a leather jacket and flared jeans, Peazer elludes cool girl chic has her navy blue heart Shibani drifts in the wind in the picture below. Follow this fashion inspiration for the in between Spring days!


Just because warm, sunny days are ahead doesn’t mean you can’t don your favorite Beulah accessory. The Shibani’s silk-wool material is lightweight in nature, making it an ideal staple for every season. Below, Peazer loses the leather jacket to show off her cutout lace jumper and shades, giving the Shibani scarf the spotlight it deserves in this boho-inspired look.


Supporting the United Nations Blue Hearts Campaign since 2011, the blue heart Shibani scarves have become an icon for Beulah’s brand and a notable figure in the brand’s charitable constitution. The campaign raises awareness on the issue of human trafficking and the horror that follows. The campaign also provides funds for survivors to help them start new lives away from the abuse and posttraumatic pain. Beulah donates 10% of profits from our blue heart Shibani scarves to the campaign, hoping to inspire other brands to join the fight against human trafficking and championing a future where freedom is not a luxury.

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Make your Shibani Scarf an Essential Staple – Danielle Peazer