Beulah London was born out of an experience we had in 2010 whilst working in the slums of Delhi, in an aftercare home for women who had been trafficked into the sex trade. It was there that we witnessed the power of employment to transform lives.

The Beulah Trust was founded in January 2013, to put our humanitarian mission into action, with a clear goal of supporting projects and initiatives that create sustainable livelihoods for victims of trafficking. The Trust aims to give grants that pay for skill courses giving women who have been victims of sex trafficking and abuse the chance to find work, generate an income, and live a self-sufficient life, free from abuse. The Beulah Trust is the heart of what Beulah London is about and as Beulah London grows, we hope to make a real difference to the lives of women who have been trafficked.

Our mission is for BEULAH to become a global lifestyle luxury brand which has a long term, positive impact on society by providing an alternative, sustainable livelihood to victims of human trafficking and educating people of their plight.

Thank you for your support!

Natasha & Lavinia x

Freedom should never be a luxury

Our charitable vision is to contribute towards eradicating modern day slavery. We want to be an inspirational voice for a generation, claiming that a woman’s freedom is not a luxury. We see a world where freedom is expected and where slavery no longer exists. The Beulah Trust will act as a bridge supporting chosen charities to provide women who have been trafficked or are vulnerable to being trafficked with a chance to build a new life, free from abuse.

Every product sold helps transform a life


10% of profits from Beulah’s Blue Heart products are donated to the UN Blue Heart Campaign which raises funds for victims of human trafficking and awareness of the issue.

Over the past four years, Beulah has donated a sum to the campaign which is the equivalent to a one year grant to a project in Albania, providing sustainable reintegration assistance to victims of trafficking.

Every purchase a customer makes will directly impact the lives of others.


Women who have been trafficked or are vulnerable are employed to make certain products in our collections, helping to provide them with an alternative, sustainable livelihood, and to break the cycle of poverty.

An example of this are our canvas bags, otherwise known as our ‘Bag for Love’. These are made by the women at Freeset, a fairtrade business based in Kolkata, India. They are dedicated to helping trafficked women and vulnerable women who have ended up in the sex trade. They work to provide them with a steady income, a bank account and the chance to build a new life free from abuse.

In the last few years, Freeset have employed a further 50 women, breaking the cycle of poverty in the most marginalised communities. You can buy the canvas bags made by the women here.


Our vision is to create a movement to inspire others and motivate change.

Beulah London will become a vehicle for doing good, and inspire others to be a voice for change.

We are working to raise awareness and educate our customers and wider network on modern day slavery and what we can do to eradicate it.


Beulah’s ready-to-wear collection is made in London, and a proportion of the silks from the AW18 collection have been hand screen printed by a charity called Women’s Interlink Foundation, based in Kolkata, in association with Key To Freedom. These women have been rehabilitated and reintegrated into society and provided with a sustainable livelihood.