How can we make Fashion Traffic Free? Sewing into the Legacy

“Anti-slavery powers come into

force in England and Wales”


Today, Immigration Minister Barbara Roche announced Britain is leading the way in the crackdown on human trafficking into Europe.[1]

 “Traffickers in the UK currently face a much higher penalty than in many other EU countries, and officials would like similar sentences adopted Europe-wide. Mrs Roche said: The trade in people, men, women and children, is one that nets organised gangs billion of pounds a year.’ She condemned the trafficking as having no respect for human dignity and costing people their lives. [2] Home Office figures estimate there could be between 10,000 and 13,000 people who remain trapped in modern day slavery in the UK.[3]

“Human trafficking is the second largest source of illegal income,” [4] It is estimated over 35.8 million people are currently enslaved worldwide in forced labour, sexual exploitation, domestic servitude, and organ harvesting.[5]

The BBC has today reported: Britain’s “Modern Slavery Act has increased the maximum custodial sentence for offenders from 14 years to life. It also gives courts powers to impose orders to restrict the activities of suspected traffickers.”


Beulah is proud to support Britain’s decision to intentionally fight trafficking and exploitation throughout Europe.

The state of trafficking is world is overwhelming, and often unbelievable. The reality is that women, children and men all over the world are being sold into industries they didn’t sign up for. Making informed choices about where we shop; from our coffee to our clothes is part of the solution to this global problem.

As consumers we have a powerful voice. We can urge companies to take accountability for their suppliers and manufactures. By supporting transparency in the business of fashion we can make sure fashion is traffic free.  At Beulah, we want to make a difference in the lives of women who have been trafficked and protect those who are vulnerable.

Each Beulah piece sows into the legacy of women who wake up tomorrow with the freedom to choose a sustainable alternative livelihood, which is safe and fulfilling. The support that our partner Freeset offers women goes beyond employment, empowering them with education, financial advice and support for their children.

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We know that “the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”  Thank you for making a stand with Beulah in fighting against trafficking. We will always keep this cause at the heart of what we do. Together, we can make a difference. Xxx

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Natasha & Lavinia in India overlooking the Slums






How can we make Fashion Traffic Free? Sewing into the Legacy