Eleonora Galasso – Day 1 #myweekinbeulah

Eleonora Galasso is, what she calls, a ‘Food Interpreter’.  She grew up in her family home, a masseria in the south of Italy and now lives in Rome despite jetting off to Paris and London.  Eleonora’s favourite part of Rome is not a specific place but ‘the city inside the city, its old habits that never die, the accessibility of its people and atmospheres, and the scenes from La Dolce Vita that are always just around the corner.’

She  was forbidden to enter her great grandmother’s kitchen but she was allowed to taste the linguine to make sure it was ‘al dente’. “Until the age of 13 it was prohibition time for me, I wasn’t allowed to enter the kitchen since, in my family, ‘it’s not a place for children’, which only made me long for it more. From then on [the kitchen] has been my favourite spot.”


This childhood ban made the allure of the kitchen even more powerful, eventually leading to Eleonora training at the Ateneo Italiano della Cucina in Rome where she obtained her masters degree in gastronomy and food culture. She now also writes for magazines like the Guardian, organises cooking workshops held at different secret historical locations in Rome and collaborates at events providing her culinary flair also running a clandestine restaurant. Her one rule is food happiness.

Eleonora has her own website  –  eleonoragalasso.com  that she uses as a food, travel and recipe blog.

She has been featured in both Marie Claire France and Grazia France

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Blue Heart ‘Shibani’ scarf for love, Eleonora Galasso wears the shawl in the same print

 Photography by Antonia Peña

Location – Daylesford Organic

Eleonora Galasso – Day 1 #myweekinbeulah