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Beulah x Medair

posted 2022 Feb by

What’s happening in Afghanistan? 
Afghanistan is on the brink of the world’s worst humanitarian crisis, the UN said on October 25th. A new report from UN agencies estimates that some 23m of the country’s 38 million people will not have enough food this winter unless aid is rapidly scaled up. Beulah has partnered with Medair to support their ongoing work with Afghanistan. 
About Medair:
Medair is an impartial, independent and neutral humanitarian organisation, inspired by Christian faith to save lives and relieve human suffering in the world’s most difficult to reach and devastated places. Since 1989 they’ve been helping people in crisis - regardless of race, creed or nationality - with the aim that the world’s most vulnerable people can live in dignity, free from human suffering and with hope for a better future.
Their work in Afghanistan:
Afghanistan is a complex crisis. Medair have been working in the country for over 25 years and they’re more committed than ever to reaching remote communities with life-saving aid. After decades of instability, families in Afghanistan are facing an uncertain future. The number of people needing humanitarian assistance is rising - in 2022, it is estimated that 24.4 million people will be in need of humanitarian assistance in Afghanistan, close to half of the total population. The most vulnerable people are women and children.
Right now Medair are: 
Improving access to health care - their mobile health and nutrition clinics travel to remote provinces as well as large urban areas, offering primary health care as well as care for pregnant and breastfeeding women (antenatal, postnatal and deliveries)
  • Screening for and treating malnutrition
  • Offering short-term cash assistance for purchasing food during harsh winters​
  • Responding to urgent humanitarian needs caused by COVID-19 - strengthening the existing health care system and helping to increase access to essential services particularly for women and children
“As well as giving us this money, the team shared messages on the importance of food security. They told me I could purchase what my family needed most, such as food beans, flour, meat, vegetables, and fruit. I was able to buy this food for my family. I was also able to settle the debt I owed to the shopkeeper in my village, which was a relief for me. And when my daughter got sick, I was able to bring her to the hospital and receive treatment something I could not have afforded without help. I appreciate this assistance, which supports me and other vulnerable families through the harsh winter months here. I thank you all and pray God will bless you!”
Samira -Cash Assistance beneficiary (2020)
 What you can do: 
We have partnered with Medair to create the 'Love Edit', where proceeds will go straight to relief in Afghanistan. 
  • £15 will provide personal hygiene items for 2 women
  • £40 will provide a monthly food basket for 1 family
  • £60 will treat one child for severe malnutrition 
❤️ One Kamala Scarf = feeds a family of seven for a month

❤️ One Shibani Scarf = provides a monthly food basket for one family

❤️ Daisy Mask = provides hygiene items for two women
Click the image below to shop: 
A note from the founders...
“As mothers, daughters & sisters, we have been greatly moved by the current situation in Afghanistan. We want to use our platform as a small business to raise desperate funds for those most vulnerable and at risk. Please join us in raising money via Mediar, or donate directly via their ​website here. Thank you for your support, it is greatly appreciated.” 
-Lav and Nats x