A slogan t-shirt to promote our core philosophy that every human deserves and life of freedom.

100% of the profits from the sale of the t-shirt were donated to Every Child Protected Against Trafficking UK (ECPAT UK).

Worldwide, 40.3 million women, men and children were victims of modern slavery on any given day in 2016; 1 in 4 of whom were children.*

*International Labour Organisation.


There are many forms of slavery from child labour to bonded and excessive labour, to human trafficking that fuels the sex industry and domestic servitude to name but a few. The fashion industry, the third largest in the world after cars and electronics, is greatly responsible for the demand of slavery and forced labour.

At Beulah we develop long-term partnerships with our producers in order to ensure ethical working conditions and build transparency of our small and valuable supply chain. Many of our partners are charities that provide sustainable employment to women formerly trapped or vulnerable to the sex trade. The women often have minimal training and are taught to become masters of artisan skills, providing them with a fairly paid and sustainable livelihood.

With the help of an amazing line up of influential women, we reached over 8 million people with our Freedom for All, modern day slavery awareness campaign.

Every Child Protected Against Trafficking (ECPAT UK) ECPAT UK is a leading children’s rights organisation working to protect children from trafficking and transnational exploitation. They support children everywhere to uphold their rights and to live a life free from abuse and exploitation.

With the money raised by Beulah customer’s purchase of the Freedom for All t-shirt, ECPAT UK will be able to continue the vital work they do in London, providing a safe space young victims of trafficking who have been through emotional trauma to socialise and get involved in projects, such as drama and arts, as a way for them to recover from their experiences.
e to trafficking and exploitation.