Frequently Asked Questions

Care and Repair

General Care

All of our products are *dry clean only*. We do not recommend any of our products be hand or machine washed. All of our products are tested for color fastness during normal wear and dry cleaning.

Beulah London is not responsible for any damages that could occur when proper instructions are not taken.

Please keep in mind due to the delicate nature of Beulah London designs, any embellishment, snap, or button, must also be handled with extreme care.


We recommend you take your pieces to reputable specialist dry cleaners that will tend to the garments with our recommended methods.


To keep your Beulah London knitwear in good shape we recommend you fold to store.


Beulah London’s online boutique does not provide an alterations service. We recommend you take your pieces to a reputable local tailor. Please contact our Customer Care Team should you require advice regarding alteration on your garment: or +44(0)20 7259 9699.

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