The Beulah London SS 2018 Collection

Here at Beulah London we would like to announce the release of our Spring Summer 2018 Collection, a selection of bright, classic styles with lightweight fabrics, perfect for those summer evening parties, or trips abroad. Our new 2018 Collection has wholeheartedly embraced colour and patterns, to create a fresh, modern look.

Continuing to be inspired by Indian design and classic style, our collection is fashion fusion of culture and design. Find some of our items already available to pre-order here.


Here at Beulah London we aim to create flexible pieces that can be worn again and again, no matter the occasion. Our Prisha dresses feature floral designs that can be dressed and accessorised for both day and evening events. Our Seren red floral three-tiered skirt with floaty chiffon layers can be worn with both a relaxed tennis shoe, or heels, whatever the situation call for. Pair with the red Anjali Floral Camisole Top, already available to pre-order here.

Here at Beulah, we wanted a fresh new look this summer, and in the process discovered this beautiful blue floral pattern. Devi and Samaira wear a cotton blouse and blue patterned tea dress, nipped in at the waist, perfect for those beach walks or an evening party as the sun goes down. Our blouse is intricately detailed, yet comfortable, so you can move freely and dance the night away.

If you’re looking for something fun and eye-catching, Silene and Susannah model our gorgeous blue tile patterned jumpsuit and dress, a perfect addition to your wardrobe, and suitable for both day events, and evening events.

If you can’t wait for the winter season to end, and who can? Why not take a look at our Zoya Red Chiffron Jumpsuit, now available for pre-order in our latest arrivals section. Made in London with UK fabric, our jumpsuit is the perfect evening statement. 10% of all profits from this product go towards helping bring an end to modern day slavery.

Take a closer look at our 2018 collection here, and don’t forget to keep up to date with our latest updates to our collection via our blog, or follow us on Instagram for creative inspiration. Find some of our items already available to pre-order here.

The Beulah London SS 2018 Collection

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