Anti-Slavery Day & Beulah ‘Bless It Forward” silk ties

Anti-Slavery Day & Modern Slavery

In 1833 the House of Commons passed the historic legislation to end the British slave trade and abolish it for good. It is 2016 and slavery is no longer confined to the past, sadly it is very much a  reality of modern day Britain. Human trafficking is the second largest form of illegal income, with the global trade in people estimated to cost around £113 billion, and the UK is buying into it. Statistics in 2015 confirmed 3,266 cases of modern day slavery, with 982 of those enslaved being children. Distressingly the reality is believed to be far worse, with numbers estimated to be as high as 13,000 people enslaved in the UK.

In 2010, Anti-Slavery day was introduced by former MP Antony Steen CBE, and created by the Private Members Bill to to raise awareness of modern day slavery and to motivate the government, businesses and individuals to eliminate it. In 2015 another step was taken when the Modern Slavery Bill was created to bring justice to the victims of modern day slavery and ensure traffickers and slave owners were punished for their actions.

Beulah “Bless It Forward Silk Ties”


On Tuesday in honour of Anti-Slavery Day, we launched our “Bless It Forward” silk ties.  Made in collaboration with The Women’s Interlink Foundation and Key to Freedom, each silk  tie  tells the story of one woman’s journey to freedom. Each tie has been hand block printed and embroidered by a vulnerable woman who has been freed from trafficking and abuse. By providing her with employment she is able to create an alternative  sustainable  livelihood  for herself.
One tie provides employment for one woman, for one day.

The concept is simple;  with every silk tie purchased, you will receive another one free, so that you can “Bless It Forward” by  giving it to someone you love and want to bless.

Thank you to everyone who took part on Tuesday. Due to popular demand our ties have now sold out but are available for pre-order HERE. To help support the campaign and be a part of the story please remember to tag @beulahlondon and hashtag #BlessItForward, #KeyToFreedom, #AntiSlaveryDay & #LoveBeulah.

Anti-Slavery Day & Beulah ‘Bless It Forward” silk ties